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Window Capping

Window Capping After

Window Capping After

Window Capping Before

Window Capping Before

Capping is an additional process that we like to use on all new windows and doors. Capping refers to the application of aluminum or vinyl sheeting cut and formed with a brake to fit over the exterior, wood trim of a building. The aluminum is intended to make aging trim with peeling paint look better, reduce future paint maintenance, and provide a weather-proof layer to control the infiltration of water.

Threshold Capping

Threshold Capping Before

Threshold Capping After

S&K Remodeling makes all of their threshold capping on site to ensure a proper fit to your door. It’s another form of capping that applies specifically to your door.This protects the threshold from future issues and deflects water to the outside or in some cases will expose a leak on top of the finished floor versus letting the subfloor and flooring get damaged without knowing . The threshold cap also helps cover the “Kick” in front of the door.

Door Capping

Door Capping 1 Door Capping 2 Door Capping 3 Door Capping 4 Door Capping 5

S&K Remodeling prefers to finish off your door with an exterior look that really ties together a project. Door capping looks great and improves the curb appeal of your home.