Our Approach

S and K Remodeling in Virginia

S&K Remodeling was started in 1998, we were installers for large companies and were constantly shown the poor side of the industry with cut corners and cost saving tactics. This just didn’t sit right with us. We decided to start a company with morals, values and care for our customers.

As a small business, we believe in providing our customers with quality work at fair prices.

Our strength is in the installation of top of the line products. We believe this is where the life and expectation lies. Our belief is that the product itself should be superior and fit your budget. Even a product that might not be top of the line, once installed by our team, should last just as long.

We take pride in our continued support and service to a range of customers from Central Virginia to Northern Virginia. We’ve partnered with major corporations like Lowes to get our great service in your home. But at the end of the day, we’re still a small family business. We grew on word of mouth and great customer satisfaction. That’s still what we’re all about, and we hope to get to show you.


Stephen T. Bowen