Your Fireplace Needs Attention

Your Fireplace Needs Attention

Make Sure Your Family is Safe and Comfortable This Fall


We’re completely into the Fall season now and so it’s time to start burning a fire in your home’s fireplace. Well, before you start, your fireplace needs attention. Autumn Maintenance tips from DIYNetwork states :

  • Have your wood-burning fireplace inspected, cleaned and repaired to prevent chimney fires and carbon monoxide poisoning.




Check out this information from Enlighten Me:

Though chimney cleaning is recommended twice a year, many homeowners neglect it because it is dirty and involved. This home improvement task is essential, though, if you use your fireplace regularly.

Chimney cleaning is necessary for both health and safety reasons. Cleaning your chimney on a regular basis you will help to keep your home free of allergens. The buildup of dirt and creosote will also be prevented. Dirt can block your chimney’s flue, causing smoke to back up into your home and make your fireplace noxious. Excessive creosote can potentially ignite and cause an uncontrolled fire hazard.

Regular maintenance of your chimney will also prevent water from enter your home and causing damage. Cracks in your chimney’s liner can lead to discoloration of your chimney’s exterior and let smoke and odor to enter your home. These can be prevented with regular maintenance.

The first step of chimney cleaning is to schedule an annual inspection of your chimney as recommended by the National Fire Protection Association (NFPA). It would be advisable to schedule the inspection for Halloween. Doing so will let you approach the fall and winter wood burning season with confidence that your chimney is prepared for the coming cold weather. In cold areas, though, you may have to schedule your inspection earlier since they are in heavy demand at that time of year.

The second step is arranging for the cleaning of your chimney. It is possible to obtain the tools and supplies you need to clean your chimney yourself, but cleaning it 100% can be difficult. Hiring professional chimney sweeps that are equipped and trained for the task isn’t uncommon. They are experienced with working indoors and maintaining the cleanliness of your house as they draw smoke out of your chimney and remove creosote deposits in your system.

How often chimney cleaning should be done depends on who you ask. At the very least a cleaning can be done after a cord of wood has been burned. A yearly inspection will reveal your chimney’s condition and a professional chimney sweep can take care of it, if you’re unable to.


So before you start building that roaring fire this fall to keep your home warm, make sure to call a professional in your area to have your fireplace cleaned and ready. Here’s a list of some chimney cleaners in your area.

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Fredericksburg, VA

Stafford, VA

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